Insuring Your Guitars

Guitar Insurance: A Stand-Alone Policy

Whether you are planning to guarantee an electric guitar, acoustic guitar or both, you might wish to secure stand-alone insurance coverage, different to your family contents policy and get all the benefits noted below:

  • No excess to pay in case of a claim.
  • Confidence in a specialist policy covering accidental damage, fire, loss or theft.
    Approximately $5,000 in replacement hire costs should your guitar need a repair for damage covered by the policy.
  • Coverage while your instrument is left behind at a venue, wedding rehearsal, or school, as well as under the direction of a music organizer or instructor.
  • It is very easy to include other instruments to your policy.
  • Please note that this kind of policy supplies coverage for all guitar owners, from professional musicians, novices or student guitar enthusiasts.
  • Whether your costly guitar is rarely played or played every day for satisfaction or your livelihood, we can customize the proper level of insurance for you.

If you own a pricey guitar or collection of guitars, then we encourage to contact the Houston Insurance Professionals that we use. They can provide you with a competitive selection of insurance alternatives. They also happen to be a top-rated Houston Allstate agency offering solid coverage options for professional musicians, students, and private collectors.

Choice of additional coverage that is available: 

  • You can opt to include your expensive guitar within a high-value home insurance plan. This ensures substantial and often highly cost effective cover for musical instruments.
  • When it comes to guitars we can insurance everything from Fenders to Gibson to Les Paul electric guitars, to hand constructed, custom ordered acoustic guitars. We can also offer protection for other instruments.